As a collaboration between 309 Punk Project and School House 4 Re-imagining Education, we are producing a workshop  with students to illustrate solidarity.


By announcing an open-call via social media and collecting postcards and protest signs in a Museum (in a small town in the Deep South), we are illustrating voices of people around the country who stand in solidarity against the violence and oppressive force being used against citizens.   

Send us a detourned postcard or use a sharpie on a cereal box... This is not a competition and everything will be exhibited, so feel free to keep it simple or to be as creative as you have time and energy for.

From September 5 - November 30, we will be accepting work that will be added weekly to the space around the CultureWar2020 sculpture currently on view at Pensacola Museum of Art.


After all submissions are received the work will move and be archived/exhibited by the 309 Punk Project.

Please MAIL submissions via USPS to:

Mail Art Against Fascism
c/o AnArchivist
309 N 6th Avenue
Pensacola, Florida 32501

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