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Indigenous Peoples Day


One of the first public projects sponsored by SH4RE was a request for The City to change Columbus Day to the celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day. With the support of Mayor Grover Robinson and members of City Council, the change was announced, and a public ceremony was performed where The City took down the five flags of the colonizing nations and raised the flags of five local tribes in front of City Hall. 

The land acknowledgment and flag ceremony became an annual event throughout the tenure of Mayor Robinson 2020 - 2023. Each year SH4RE communicated with the local tribes including the Santa Rosa Cree, Poarch Creek, Mscogee Nation of Florida, The Miccosukee Tribe and The Seminole Tribe of Florida to colelct and deliver the flags to City Hall. In 2024, a new mayor was elected and although he did not show interest in the acknowledgement or ceremony, SH4RE continues to produce events and invite the community and the City of Pensacola to participate.

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